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 Doctrine of Operation White Wolf Template

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Senator Draken

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PostSubject: Doctrine of Operation White Wolf Template   Sun Apr 29, 2012 1:48 pm


We, the people, of YoVile's Legislature, Allied States of YoVille, Confederate States of YoVille, and the Government of President Yo, hereby announce the start of Operation White Wolf, in which each organization declares a state of war on hacking to ensure peace, justice, and tranquility throughout the land of YoVille.

Article I- Defense/Offense against Hacking
Each organization involved in Operation White Wolf is allowed to hire hackers to defend their organization or to stop others from hacking. Due to the amount of hacking in YoVille, each organization inolved in Operation White Wolf has entered into a state of war against hacking (by signing this Doctrine), and seek to end all hacking in YoVille. While in a state of war, each organization is encouraged (not forced) to aid each other, and to develop friendly, strong diplomatic ties between each other.

Article II- Rules for use of hacking
Each organization in Operation White Wolf are allowed to hire hackers only for the useof defense in their organization,and Offense against hackers and scammers. However, the hackers may not take any item from people or hackers. HAckers are only to use hacking to freeze hackers and scammers, and to freeze scam/hack events. Also, when freeze-raiding scam/hack events, Operation White Wolf hackers are encouraged to use the Anti-Kick hack to stop from being removed from the scam/hack events.

Article III- Violation of Operation White Wolf Regulations
If any organization breaks the Regulations of Operation White Wolf, they will be fined a sum ranging from 10k to 100K in reperitions. If the organization refuses payment, the organization must stop all actiity for 1 month's period of time unless otherwise stated by other organizations to change.

By signing this Doctrine, all 4 organizations promise to follow the regulations listed for Operation White Wolf, and they promise to keep following them until Operation White Wolf is a success.


For YoVille's Legislature:
Tommy Lucchese, Senator
Joseph, Represntative
Temporary Senators*
Temporary Representatives*

For Confederate States Of YoVille:
Nikolai, President
Alex, Vice President
Aphrodite, First Lady
D3vil, Secretary of State Security
Drew, Secretary of Tresaury
Neros, Secretary of Foreign Affairs

For YoVille City Council:
Mike Johnson, Mayor
KMF KC, Representative
President Billie Joe, Representative
DrPepper, Representative

For Allied States of YoVille**:

For President Yo's Government**:

Additional Signatories:

Ambassador of YoVille

*Subject to change
**Waiting for Approval and Signatories

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PostSubject: Re: Doctrine of Operation White Wolf Template   Mon Jun 25, 2012 9:32 pm

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Doctrine of Operation White Wolf Template
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